Under Construction. Phase 1: Destruction

What happened to all the styles on the site (ask the 5 of you who visit, ever…)

I killed them.


In an ill advised experiment to rebuild this blog’s front-end from the ground up using HTML5, CSS3, a responsive layout, graceful degradation, and whole bunch of other jargon.

Over the last several years I’ve become more of a manager than a designer and developer, and this is an attempt to prove to myself that I’m still relevant.

I have a design pretty well in place. Grid system picked, typography set, graphics designed, etc etc, I just need to build.

The plan is to do it in phases, getting up a little earlier in the morning to pick away at it each day.

We’ll see :)

Here’s a screenshot of the starting point. I rather like this.





4 responses to “Under Construction. Phase 1: Destruction”

  1. Eric Ritchey Avatar

    looking forward to seeing the unfolding.. stoked you’re doing this publicly too! its great to see your thoughts on it all. :)

  2. Adrian Rodriguez Avatar
    Adrian Rodriguez

    Looking forward to seeing this all come to play. I was actually thinking of doing something similar to my new site, but with some variations, and not doing it publicly lol.

  3.  Avatar

    I am also looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

  4. Tim Challies Avatar

    Can’t wait to see how you put it all back together, Matt. :)

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