What Is Going On With This Site!?

To all of you who are surprised by the dump of articles in your RSS reader, or those of you who thought they were heading to notourhome.com, allow me to explain.

I have decided to consolidate several of my sites, and to round up my disparate Web presence and simply own my persona of bi-vocational Web dude. So, from here on out, this will not only be a site about Web design, development, technology and strategy, but will also include issues of theology and music (my other hats).

I imagine this will turn some off, but I hope to be intriguing (and also more consistent in posting!)

So, now you get to see the whole me, rather than just a piece.

See ya around!

(P.S. I’m also hoping this gives me more motivation to finish up the in-process live rebuild of this site, which was so rudely interrupted by the birth of my third daughter :))






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