Massive Congratulations to Dan McClanahan, World’s Best Photographer


My buddy, Dan McClannahan just won a remarkable Platinum Medal in the International Photographic Competition from the Professional Photographers of America. He was one of a short-list of 32 photographers from around the world awarded this medal out of 22,000 photographers from 54 countries.

I’m going to give him a hard time that he didn’t win the Diamond Award like the 12 people in the entire world who are possibly better than him did.

I always knew Dan was the best photographer in the world. Now I have data that proves it. One of the shots Dan won this award with has me looking rather menacing in the background.

Dan also shot the photos of me that grace (*cough*) this site. And (when he’s not traveling the world taking award-winning photographs) he plays drums in my band.

Proud of you, brother.





One response to “Massive Congratulations to Dan McClanahan, World’s Best Photographer”

  1. Dan Avatar

    It’s all thanks to your impeccable ability to make a gnarly face!

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