A few updates on Life, Ministry, Work, and Everything

The worst posts in the world are “I haven’t blogged in awhile, so here’s a post!” but… here we are. :)  I wanted to clue you in to a few new endeavors and twists and turns in life, just for fun.

Recent Interview on GraceForSinners

Mathew Sims recently interviewed me for his “Culture Creators” series on his blog. Revealing just how entirely uninteresting I actually am. :) Thanks Mathew!

New Addition to the Heerema Clan: Jane Pauline

In October, we welcomed our fourth daughter, Jane, into the world.  She is simply amazing. :)  My Instagram account is basically spamming all my followers with her.

Latest from Mere Agency:  MereChurch

Over the break we launched something we’ve been dreaming up over the fall: MereChurch: simple and usable websites for small churches and ministries.  “Our premise is simple. Small churches and ministries have a great need and a great opportunity: a great Web presence.”  But they typically don’t have the resources to create an effective Web site, and so often end up with something that is actually counter-productive. Over the better part of the last decade, different services have risen up to meet this need.  We’d like to join them.  Here’s my introductory post explaining the concept.

Moving Mere’s WordPress Hosting to WPEngine

Along with creating the infrastructure for MereChurch (which is essentially a service that sets up a great WordPress site for you with the best-in-class plugins for functionality), we finally pulled the trigger on something I’ve been considering for awhile: moving to WPEngine. The experience has been phenomenal. If you find yourself in need of WordPress hosting, they are hands down the best, simplest, most usable service I’ve encountered (and I’ve worked with almost all of them), and have flawless support.

It can be a little pricier to get set up there. We can help with that. Stay tuned for a “WordPress tech ops” service Mere is launching soon.  If you are in need of a WordPress site with the best infrastructure possible, let me know. I can hook you up.

Updates on the Ministry Front

I am moving my main focus away from music ministry, though I will continue to lead and equip the various members of our ministry, I will (for the time being) no longer be performing music on a regular basis. My focus is shifting to discipleship and equipping of leaders, and especially starting to work young professionals and families, young children’s ministry and starting to forge relationships in our high school ministry (learning the ropes! :)), where my daughter will be in only a few short years.

I had a great time at the Faithwalkers conference over Christmas break, where I gave a couple seminars: Work and Worship, and Technology and the Glory of God.

Also, I’m excited about our current sermon series “Stewards”, and the upcoming series on 1 Peter.  We are also gearing up for the fall when we start my long-time dream of a series on Romans!!  Look out, Stonebrook :)

Other Life Efforts

Starting a small business is really really hard. It throws your life out of balance for a season. I feel like we’re finally starting to see the light of day on some stability and ability to plan and get in a more regular rhythm. Some things I want to work on are more regular exercise, family time, reading, and writing, and oh ya, more regular sleep. :)

Please pray for my family and I as we continue to pursue a life of following Jesus as He leads us on all fronts! There is much work to be done in many different spheres. I’m encouraged about the present trajectory, hopeful about the future, and looking forward to Christ’s return when He rights all wrongs, and answers all the frustrations we experience in this life.

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