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  • Definition List

    One important aspect of coding with Web standards is semantically correct markup (that is, choosing the proper HTML tag for the TEXT you are MARKing UP. (HTML = hyper TEXT MARKUP language). An analogy can be drawn between using semantically correct markup, and using proper grammar. I think a more apt analogy is comparing proper…

  • William Gates KBE

    Bill Gates was Knighted “The honorary KBE is in recognition of his outstanding contribution to enterprise, employment, education and the voluntary sector in the United Kingdom,” the Foreign Office said. This on the heels of Tim Berners-Lee’s Knighthood leaves me with some hope :)

  • IAEA redesign

    The International Atomic Energy Agency recently redesigned their Web site using CSS and XHTML. It is good to see an international organization using international Standards in designing their site. Their previous version was a mish mash of tables, images-instead-of-text, tag soup, and other highly inaccessible (and nonsensical) “techniques”.

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Andy Budd of UK based Message Design wrote a great article on the Business case for Web Accessibility, a topic of great interest to me. Check it out. Simply put, web site accessibility is about making a site accessible to the largest range of people possible. For the majority of website owners, this is simply…

  • Web Browser

    I realize that the majority of the population, and about everyone who reads this site, doesn’t give any thought to their Web browser. (For those of you who REALLY give it no thought… a Web browser is the program you are viewing this page with, RIGHT NOW.) Most of the world (I would say roughly…

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