Tips for Cleaning and Sealing a Deck

1. Do it in the Spring
2. Buy the expensive tools for the job, not the cheap ones. They’ll break and/or not function properly, causing you to renounce your faith.
3. Hand brushing is faster than using a cheap-o pump sprayer, but get a push broom to do it with rather than a 4″ hand brush
4. Use a pressure washer to clean the deck, they are a lot of fun.
5. Do it in the Spring
6. Allow several hours for each phase, plus cleanup
7. Hire someone to do it for you
8. Tear your deck down and replace it with a concrete or faux-wood recycled plastic one.

This public service announcement brought to you by a hot, sweaty, messy, frustrated homeowner.




2 responses to “Tips for Cleaning and Sealing a Deck”

  1. Chris Huff Avatar

    Been there. Press on, Matt, press on.

  2. Victor Agreda Jr Avatar

    You should really post this on DIY I Have a Life.

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