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It’s Spring cleaning time. This weekend I was busy uncluttering my life and minimalising my surroundings (starting with my desk). I tightened down my schedule, started a good To Do list system with Things (and pen and paper), reconciled my bank accounts for the last year (I use Mvelopes to keep track of my finances. Great program), and my wife and I have started a crusade against junk/clutter/hoarding.

I’m feeling great. My mind is already freer, I’m feeling less stress, and more ability to focus. I heartily recommend a GTD system and minimalist life style. I have a ways to go yet, but we’re making progress.

Some great links from the last couple days on various GTD-related sites I’m starting to visit after the jump.

The Minimalists Guide to Fighting (and Beating) Clutter Entropy

An important article, at least in concept. Some great tips on how to keep clutter from coming back (as it inevitably does).

Hoarding Kindling

I want to write more about this as there is a strong spiritual connection here as well (“It’s all gonna burn, baby…” and “You can’t take it with you…”), but in a more immediate sense, junk around the house is simply a fire hazard!

12 Tips for an organized desk, and creating a minimalist workspace

This is where I started. I spend most of my time at a desk, so I figured at least it ought to be clutter-free.

Lifehacks at Alltop

Great little new site by Guy Kawasaki. Met with mixed reviews, but I found this incredibly helpful to find new, good sites on the topics it covers.

The One Day Sabbatical

Christians (and Jews) call this “The Sabbath” and it indeed is vital for mental/emotional/spiritual health. In fact, the word Sabbatical Latin, Greek, and Hebrew for “cease” or “rest”.

6 Tips for Arriving On Time

I’m pretty bad about being late for meetings. Good tips.

The Key to Productivity: Schedule Calibration

The reason I’m so frantic most of the time is because I set an unrealistic schedule.

Tips to maintain focus while you organize

I’m distracted easily. These are some interesting tips for staying on task. Probably more generally applicable than just for organizing.

Managing computer file clutter

For all you digi-packrats out there.

Self Control Running Low?

Self control can be exercised like a muscle. The more you practice self control, the easier it gets.

The Magical Power of Focus

Not sure magic is the right word, but focus is definitely powerful.

More later!


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