Working From Home

Michael Boyink has a great post with tips for working from home. Worth a read if you are fortunate enough to be able to do so. He has a nice summary paragraph at the end:

> If you’re lucky enough to be able to work at home, don’t make it just a little mini office away from the office. Life’s too short to replicate the creativity and soul-sucking office environment in your own home. Work in your PJ’s, work odd hours, play music at high-volume, have a movie on while you work—do anything just to remind yourself that by being at home your life is a little less like Dilbert everyday.
> Otherwise what’s the point?

Great post Mike.


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  1. Rogie King Avatar

    That is a great post. I am one of the few God has blessed to be able to work at home. It seems all too much that I slip into the traditional office setting and mode.

    One thing I do get, however is my son running into my office every day. Daddy, I’m thirsty. Daddy, here you go (he feeds me snacks!). It’s awesome. Praise God.

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