Productivity tip: Take a nap.

Nap time!I’d cite studies and research and books I’ve read on the power of napping, but why? If you have the afternoon “foggies” and are having a hard time concentrating and being motivated to work, take a 15 minute break, find a tree outside (if it’s nice) or a quiet closet somewhere, or go to your car, and take a nap. Preferably with your legs elevated.

It’d be helpful if you had your boss’s permission, especially if you work in an office, but I guarantee you you will be more focused and productive the rest of the afternoon.

Or, you can be proactive about this and do it over your lunch break if you have a conscience (or employer) issue with doing this during work hours. You might even get to use your couch or a bed as an added bonus.

(And yes, that’s my adorable toddler daughter. She’ll probably hate me for this someday)




6 responses to “Productivity tip: Take a nap.”

  1. Dana Avatar

    The Sleep Doctor agrees with you! & Happy Napping!

  2. mheerema Avatar

    Wow! Perfect. Those are great links, thanks.

  3. Meta Spring Avatar

    I agree with the take a nap principle but it is kinda difficult to put it in practice. Love the kid!

  4. randypandy Avatar

    Yes they say 20mins max otherwise your brain gets too relaxed and you cant focus properly!

  5. Peter Avatar

    Certainly, works very well the 20min nap, so long as you dont go over that time!

  6. Radden Avatar

    I do shift work and for years now I have only managed to cat nap for 5 mins max! maybe something to do with my bio-clock?

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