A Good Moleskine Alternative

Even with an iPad, I still use a physical journal to capture most things. I haven’t yet found an app (or perhaps I’m not practiced enough with the tool) to quickly capture thought on paper, including sketches, doodles, and other free-form type text that helps me put my brain on paper.

My favorite journal, like everyone else, is the Moleskine (large squared, specifically). But I also love Behance’s dot grid book for larger drawings. I like the dots better than the hard squares of the Moleskine. The problem is having drawings, sketches, and notes scattered about in various places.

Today I noticed that Behance has a Dot Grid Journal, and even one better, a dot grid Action Journal. I’ll be trying these out as a Moleskine replacement.

Have any of you used these?



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  1. Brian Avatar

    Thanks for sharing these links Matt. I think I just added a second item to my christmas wish list.

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