6 Myths About Results Only Work Environments

A ROWE (results only work environment) is a fairly progressive, and extremely effective business/organization culture and practice. Our current control-based management mindsets are based on a bygone era. A throwback to the factories in the industrial revolution.

However, there is still much resistance to the acceptance of this successful, modern, business practice. These things are based largely around 6 myths that the ROWE blog seeks to address:

1. ROWE is telework, flextime, and work from home program.
2. If people get their work done in less than 40 hours, then they need more work.
3. Not every business can be a ROWE.
4. Not every employee can be trusted.
5. In a ROWE people will take advantage and slack off.
6. Managers need to be in the office for their people.

All of these statements are false. All objections are answered by focusing on this fact: ROWE is not about time and place of the work, it is about meeting results.




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