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I made this flyer for my next Rock message. (in the flyer… “Dangerous Curves” refers to a local “bikini bar”, essentially a strip club where they don’t take ALL their clothes off, thus circumventing many city ordinances.)

Next week at The Rock I will be speaking about pornography. Specifically how pornography is creeping into the American mainstream (it has been for the last fifty years or so, but in the last decade it has made rapid and slightly disconcerting advances.)

One cannot turn on network television in the evening without sex, implied or actual coming up every five minutes (slight exageration). My message will be on a general level how this effects the way men view women. I’m also going to draw attention to the slippery slope from sex on TV to the sex slave trade in Amercia (estimates of over 100,000 AMERICAN girls and women currently bought and sold as sex slaves today…)

The reason there’s a market for sex on TV is the same reason there is a market for sex slaves.

I hope men come away angry at pornography.

Some great resources around this topic can be found at






5 responses to “Pornographication”

  1. yannick Avatar

    Hey Matt,

    Will this be available for download at some point for those that can’t be there?

  2. Matt Avatar

    Yannick – it will be. I’ll post a link when it’s up. Also, we’re working on gettinga podcast up and running. (More a matter of sitting down to do it than anything…)

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