Pornographication 2

Well, the talk went well. You can listen to it here. I decided to break it into a two part series. This first one was “Porn: Why men don’t respect women.” The next one will be “Porn: Why women don’t respect themselves.” This will mean a new round of posters, probably implementing some of the suggestions I got on the last poster.

The crowd’s reaction was great, and I daresay that the posters had their intended effect, on Christians and non-Christians alike.






3 responses to “Pornographication 2”

  1. Nathan Logan Avatar

    Matt, thanks for doing this. As you said, it’s not something the church mentions often, but it’s something that the church needs to hear often.

    God bless.

  2. Rob Avatar

    Matt, dude… INCREDIBLE message. I think that it’s so important that we, as a church, address this issue head on. You really spoke well, incredible job.

  3. […] I’ve had a few questions in response to my message (verbal essay?) on Pornography. Mostly along the lines of “does God actually say anything about pornography?”, or for those who know that he does, but don’t know what, “what does he say about it?”. I thought I’d share really briefly. […]

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