Book Review: Lost and Found by Ed Stetzer

_This is a post for my religion geek friends (though those interested in cultural studies in general might find it interesting too)_.

lost-and-found.jpgI just read an interesting book by Ed Stetzer, Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the Churches that reach them.. I consider myself a bit of a student of the culture we live in as well as a data geek. This book has some interesting insights into the “younger unchurched”.

“Younger unchurched” being defined as those not currently involved in weekly Christian church services. This of course is an important statistic if you believe that there is an eternal destination, and that destination is determined by your stance on Jesus.

You can read my review at my other personal site.

What is encouraging to me about this book is that churches are waking up to the fact of their hypocrisy (of course we’re hypocrites! that’s kinda what it means to claim to be a Christian…), but even more importantly waking up to the fact of their lack of concern for the individual story.

This book is a collection of mass survey studies and hundreds of personal interviews with very wise and caring observations made based on this research.

Written primarily to a Christian church leadership audience, I think many who care about such thing (whatever side of the argument you are on!) would enjoy reading it.






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