The Central Message of the Scriptures

I am currently taking a course on the unity of scripture and the biblical world view offered by BILD called “Covenants”. It is an exciting class in which we strive to discover how the two testaments of the Bible fit together.

The third assignment for the class was to take a first crack at writing what you believe to be the central message of the Bible. I thought I’d share my third draft at this attempt here for posterity, criticism, and perhaps a little humor looking back at my naive self.

> The central message of the scriptures is the (partial and unfolding revelation of the) Glory of the One True God, as shown by His interaction with all His creation; namely: His love, concern, and kindness toward it, wrath at and judgement of the rebellion of it, and the grace (i.e., justice, patience and mercy) toward it, manifested ultimately in the life, work, teaching, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus as foretold, foreshadowed, and promised by the Prophets in the Old Testament and proclaimed, clarified, and explained by the Apostles in the New Testament.

I’m quite pleased with it right now. We’ll see what I think in 8 weeks.





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