Irresistible Grace, an imperfect parable, take 2

After my last mediation on the nature of irresistible grace, I decided to take a second shot at illustrating this magnificent doctrine of Grace.

So, here goes:

Eight year old David opened slowly opened his eyes, shutting them tight again from the ache of the harsh florescent light. Turning over in the creaky metal bed, he rubbed them to try and speed up the adjustment to the abrupt awakening.

He willed himself upright and steeled himself to the walk across cold linoleum to the bathroom, passing rows of beds filled with other boys his age and slightly younger, to ready himself for another day. Same chores, same food, same faces, minus a few he had become fond of.

The orphanage superintendent, intercepted David on his journey to the communal bathroom.

“David, you need to hurry and get ready today, you have a meeting.”

“A meeting?” David asked.

“Yes, David, a man and his wife would like to meet you?”

“Meet, me?” David mused. None of the families ever wanted to meet him. One armed boys didn’t get to meet the families.

When he had prepared David paced the long hallway to the meeting room. He had only been here twice. The meetings were brief. He knew what to expect. Shock. Surprise. Disappointed scowls. David didn’t like this room.

Eyes fixed to the floor to spare the disapproving glances, David sidled into the room and climbed into a chair at the big table.

“David,” said the superintendent, “I’d like you to meet Mr. and Mrs. Adamson. They would like to talk to you. It’s all been arranged.” He reassured. “They will take good care of you.”

David said nothing. Eyes still fixed on the floor.

“David.” The man spoke softly. Something about his voice made David lift his eyes. He’d never heard his name spoken like that before. He’d never met this man and yet the voice was familiar somehow. “We’ve waited a long time for you. What do you say, son? Would you like to come home with us?”





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