Spurgeon on Preaching the Gospel in Every Sermon

Spurgeon: A New BiographyWhen the Holy Spirit was working on Spurgeon’s heart, drawing him to Christ, Spurgeon visited multiple churches seeking to find the answer to the question of how to get his sins forgiven.

Here’s a brief reflection of his from that time. It speaks to the necessity of presenting the Gospel in every sermon. Because a young Spurgeon might be in your midst at any time.

“One man preached Divine sovereignty but what was that sublime truth to a poor sinner who wished to know what he must do to be saved. There was another admirable man who always preached about the law, but what was the use of ploughing up ground that needed to be sown. Another was a practical teacher…but it was very much like a commanding officer teaching the maneuvers of war to a set of men without feet…what I wanted to know was ‘How can I get my sins forgiven?’ and they never told me that.”

From “Spurgeon” by Dallimore





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