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  • For Better or Worse, Till Death Parts Us, for His Glory and Our Good

    This might be TMI, but I’d like to set the stage for this thought, so bear with me. This morning I woke up and rolled over and looked at my wife, who was also just stirring for the morning, and for whatever reason, this morning, she looked especially beautiful. I thought to myself (as I…

  • Tim Keller Interviewed by Jim Daily of Focus on the Family

    Really really enjoyed this episode of Focus on the Family. Keller talks about how we tend to idolize the family and replace The Gospel with “Family Values”. Love seeing the Gospel brought to a conservative and religious audience. We need it just as much as an unbeliever. Very helpful word here. Part 1 Part 2

  • Welcome, Katharyn Joy

    My wife and I are delighted to announce the birth of our second daughter: Katharyn Joy (Kate) Heerema! Born yesterday (October 12) at 3:45pm. Vital stats: – 9lbs 13oz – 22 inches long – head circumference: 15 inches (I’ve been told by several women that this is an important stat… ;-) ) They say she’s…