Welcome, Katharyn Joy

My wife and I are delighted to announce the birth of our second daughter: Katharyn Joy (Kate) Heerema!

Born yesterday (October 12) at 3:45pm.

Vital stats:

– 9lbs 13oz
– 22 inches long
– head circumference: 15 inches (I’ve been told by several women that this is an important stat… ;-) )

They say she’s a large baby but she seems perfect to me. Happy and Healthy. Mom is doing well also.

We’ll have copious amounts of pics available on flickr for those who are interested.

Katharyn is derived from the greek “katharos” meaning “pure”. The “yn” spelling comes from my dramatic flair ;-). We’re calling her Kate. I’m pretty sure I will be calling her Katie within days, which Nancy isn’t a fan of because that’s the name of her parents’ cat. I say “bah”. Katie is a cute name.

Once again I am proud father. I now have two beautiful daughters. Elena and Kate. They are going to be quite the pair.





4 responses to “Welcome, Katharyn Joy”

  1. Rob Avatar

    She gorgeous! Congratulations to your wife.

  2. Justin Thorp Avatar

    Congrats dude!

  3. Ryan Avatar

    I mentioned it on twitter but I’ll say it again… Congrats! She’s beautiful!

  4. Rogie King Avatar

    Congrats to the Heerema family! I’m stoked for you. It must be awesome to have a daughter. I hope my next is a girl too! Great choice on the name and congrats to Nancy on giving birth to a 9+ lb baby! And you are right, she looks perfect.


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