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  • Political Commentary Part 2: Why Deciding Who To Vote For Is Tricky

    (Updated: I am a terrible writer without a proofreader. Also, the reaction has been as expected. :() I will not vote for Barack Obama. My rationale is simple: he holds a vastly different ideology on what government should be than I do. VASTLY different. So that part is easy. I don’t need to take time…

  • whitehouse.gov Website Code Examined

    A neat little write-up on the way that whitehouse.gov is coded, focusing on optimization, SEO, architecture, etc.

  • Obama: The Real Change

    I could resist a post about politics. My apologies. Flame away. This one was just too good. This last Saturday, SNL ran a hilarious opener skit spoofing Joe Biden who (say what you will about Palin) I believe to be the best material to come along for political humorists since… Dubya himself. The skit was…