Tag: Typography

  • Under Construction. Phase 2: Rough layout and typography

    Phase 2 of my boneheaded idea to rebuild my site live is “complete”. This phase was about layout rough-in and beginnings of typography. The horizontal lines are for reference only, they will (probably) go away. Here’s a cheat sheet I put together for the various widths, sizes, etc for my “responsive” site design. It probably…

  • Interesting Web Citings for January 6th

    Sites and articles that I found very interesting today… Simple rules for good typographyNice roundup of basic rules for typography. Every church bulletin maker or small business brochure producer should read this.

  • Evaluating 40 Typefaces

    The October 2009 Usability News Newsletter has a great article highlighting a recent typography study on Web font faces. Know Your Typefaces! Semantic Differential Presentation of 40 Onscreen Typefaces > This article presents results from a study investigating the personality of typefaces. Participants were asked to rate 40 typefaces (from serif, sans serif, display, and…

  • Interesting Web Cites for August 17th

    Sites and articles that I found very interesting today… @font-face in IE: Making Web Fonts Work – How to make Web fonts work. Posted in 2008. Useful article Let’s make the web faster – Some great performance optimization tips. Helpful details that all professional Web developers should give attention to. (via shauninman.com)

  • Mid-April Design Linkage

    In addition to all the GTD links, there were some excellent Web design links. Here are some of the best (IMO) Getting Creative with Web transparency – rounds up some good cross-browser PNG transparency techniques 60 More AJAX and JavaScript Solutions for Professional Coding – I’m becoming a jQuery or custom-only guy, but there are…