Mid-April Design Linkage

In addition to all the GTD links, there were some excellent Web design links. Here are some of the best (IMO)





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  2. Adaptiv Media Avatar

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  5. Designbit Blog Avatar

    PNG’s have always been a great tool to use in web designs and I have played around for many years with different techniques, especially to get them to work in IE6, good link.

  6. web pixy Avatar

    Thank you very much for sharing these useful links! I loved the tips about transparency and the fonts were absolutely great!

  7. J Avatar

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  10. Azhar Avatar

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  11. Greg Avatar

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  12. www-suunnittelu Avatar


    I’m from Finland and used to read finnish web design blogs. Now just checked you blog and this so great :) There is so many more advices in english. I like your way to share links outside your site. Getting Creative with Web transparency -link was especially great :)

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