User friendly comic strip
User friendly comic strip

Why are Web designers so under-respected?

I am of the opinion that only Professional Web designers should develop professional Web sites. (Hobby sites, personal sites, and volunteer organization sites are exceptions).

This is an old article (april 2001) that seems to be relevant still… Web Designer and Proud of It.

The hardest part of being a professional web designer is telling people what I do for a living. The range of comments I get runs from dismissal of the web as a fad, to the ever popular, “My fifth-grade son has his own website.”

What is the difference between a professional Web designer, and a self-styled, 16 year old with a WYSIWYG editor on his PC?

That difference is design skill, Internet knowledge, experience and professional commitment to the field.

Web design is not a merit badge to be added to your uniform in scouts (but the way things are going it is probably not far off), it is a career choice that demands continual growth and serious dedication. We continually work at improving our skills and techniques, learning how to use new tools and mastering the old ones.

Part psychologist and part magazine editor, a web designer needs to be the digital equivalent of a Renaissance person.

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2 responses to “R-E-S-P-E-C-T”

  1. Mike Wesner Avatar

    The common usage might not sound impressive, but as the web is becoming more complex more people will start to respect us. As a ‘web designer’ I am not highly skilled, but as a ‘web programmer’ I can hold my own. Most people don’t understand what I do simply because they don’t really directly see my work. Maybe with your help Matt, i can create a somewhat respectable design for my new site.

  2. Matt Avatar


    I’d be glad to help out however I can.

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