Iowa State University Dept of Horticulture

*update* Apprently they have redesigned this site for whatever reason. Which is really good, because their old site was simply a ripoff of (tribute to?) WSU. It’s hard to be creative when someone tells you to rip a site’s design off.

I have been working on this project since last fall through ISU Extension IT. It went live at the beginning of this month.

My job was the graphic design, and HTML/CSS structure of the Web site. At the time I handed the code over to the Department, it was valid XHTML and was WAI-AAA compliant. However, it is being maintained in-house, so I am not responsible for the state of the current HTML.






2 responses to “Iowa State University Dept of Horticulture”

  1. Kathy Avatar

    Matt, I want those little buttons that dimple when you click on them. Please, please, please?

  2. matt Avatar

    hehe… that is my favorite part too

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