Adobe Macromedia Acquisition

The first thing I read (and subsequently most of what came up in my RSS Aggregator for the rest of the day) when I turned on my computer at work on Monday was about the Adobe Macromedia Acquisition.

Kottke does a great job of rounding up most of the important news and opinions on the acquisition.

Personally, I’m slightly concerned. I’m hoping for the best, but fearing the worst.

Adobe has been a mainstay in print media since the beginning of time… and when Web design went mainstream, has been putting out products, trying to be competitive in the Web design tools arena. It has failed pretty miserably. The top player? Macromedia. Though certainly not a software giant by any means, (actually it doesn’t even really have a monsterous market share of the Web design tool world) it certainly has the best product. (opinions opinions…).

The MX 2004 suite is THE BEST Web design software package to date.

* Fireworks runs circles around ImageReady
* Dreamweaver vs GoLive? No comparison.
* Flash? no competition.

On the other side of the coin:

* Illustrator outpaces Freehand
* PDF is far more widely used than the fledgling (but cool) Flashpaper.

This merger has the capability of creating an awesome product. A comprehensive Web and Print design suite comprised of the best tools on the market.

Unfortunately, I fear that Adobe is going to simply eat up Flash and throw the baby (Fireworks, Dreamweaver, homesite) out with the Bathwater (freehand and flashpaper).

That is my 2 cents.






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  1. Mike Avatar

    Man, I was also shocked when heard about it first time.
    I like Macrobedia, and I do hope that Adobe won’t make any major changes there.

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