FEMA in violation of Federal Law

Attention, FEMA. You are in violation of Federal Law. This violation has the potential of hindering many people from being able to recover from the ill effects of hurricane Katrina.

Your Web site fails to comply with Section 508. This non-compliance prevents those with certain disabilities from accessing the information on your Web site. Section 508 mandates that all Federal Agencies (of which, you are one) make their information available to anyone, regardless of disability, per the Americans with Disabilities Act.

In fact, not only are you non-compliant, you lie and say you comply.

However, I feel that your current worst offense is the inability of anyone, other than those using Windows Internet Explorer version 6 with JavaScript enabled, to apply for FEMA assistance online. This potentially affects up to 30% of Internet users.

These failures to comply and lack of accessibility are totally inexcusable, and caused only by apathy and or naiveté. Two causes which are simply not acceptable for an organization that bears your responsibility.

I support our government, indeed, to the chagrin of many, I support our current administration (for the most part…), and I applaud your efforts in the South. But these offenses are intolerable.

And you know, this wouldn’t be such a big deal, except that it actually is affecting people.






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