Favorite Web Designs: CSS Zen Garden “Silent Strength”

I have decided to start a new category called “Favorite Web Designs” as a way to bookmark really cool (imho) Web designs that inspire me.

The first entry will be the “Silent Strength” entry on the CSS Zen Garden by Ray Henry at REH3

I love the organic, chaotic, clean order of the design. The softness of the monochromatic, desaturated, green color scheme. Nice work.
CSS Zen Garden – Silent Strength






2 responses to “Favorite Web Designs: CSS Zen Garden “Silent Strength””

  1. Jørgen Arnor Gårdsø Lom Avatar

    Nice initiative with the category, Matt! Looking forward to see what goes in there…

    I agree with the Zen-design, as it contradicts the myth that the rough, worn, grudgy look is outdated and overused…

    It’s an interesting choise, I think, because it so clearly combines the rough imagery with very clean and organized design… Sort of an “Shaun Inman meets 24-7media.de”… Good choise…

    My favorite seed in the garden is Shaun Inman’s si6, btw…

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