Rock Worship

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A community and resource site for musicians and production coordinators in the Great Commission Association.

This is a little pet project of mine in order to foster communication and share ideas with others who are doing the same thing I am doing with music in Ames, IA.

The coolest part about this is the custom WordPress theme. A collaborative design between myself and Travis Swan of Fort Collins.

Nathan Smith also helped out a bit (okay, a lot) by helping with some of the CSS templating. Saved me a bunch of time.

I also did a custom integration of PunBB into the system using the same templates. I am using its “extern.php” functionality to show the latest active topics on the front page.

Overall I’m very pleased with the site.

Under the hood:

CMS: WordPress 1.5.2
Forum: PunBB 1.2.10
Under the hood: XHTML 1.0 Trans, CSS2






2 responses to “Rock Worship”

  1. Nathan Smith Avatar

    Man, the site turned out great! I’m going to blog about it as well, to try to push some traffic your way. Good working with ya! Nice implimentation of PunBB too, very slick.

  2. Nick Ohrn Avatar

    I love the custom wordpress skin on that site. It’s spectacular. Kudos to whoever did the majority of work.

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