Favorite Web Designs: XXXchurch.com

I love the graphic design of XXXchurch.com. I also love their mission and ministry. They provide services (especially x3watch) that are very helpful to Christian men and women.

While they are a bit late-nineties in their code and other techniques, this site has a great, progressive feel to it.

Maybe someday they’ll let me re-code their site to Web standards, and vastly improve their site speed, bandwidth efficiency, accessibility, and search engine visibility (though they get linked enough that I don’t think that is a huge concern).

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3 responses to “Favorite Web Designs: XXXchurch.com”

  1. dan simmons Avatar

    hey man, i do a lot of the stuff at xxxchurch, whats wrong with all the coding? i didn’t do the website itself, almost all the graphics though….

  2. Matt Avatar


    Thanks for the comment, man. I e-mailed you about it.

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