Spam Google Spam Recipies Spam Spam and Spam

Gmail has recently added a “Web clips” section to their Webmail (or is that a function of me having google desktop installed?). It usually provides mildly interesting related links associated with your e-mail.

This was hillarious though. As seen while purging my spam folder.

Gmail Spam

mmmm. Spam

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3 responses to “Spam Google Spam Recipies Spam Spam and Spam”

  1. Jørgen Arnor Gårdsø Lom Avatar

    Nice one! =D

    The webclips are for all, by the way – at least if I remember correctly (I get ‘all’ my gmails via Mac Mail, myself…)

  2. Yannick Avatar

    Haha Matt. Nice one indeed!

  3. Ryan Heneise Avatar

    I used to love the taste of Spam until it started showing up in my inbox. Now I can’t stand it! Spam burritos used to be my favorite ;)

    * Just kidding. For the record I never liked Spam. Even when I was a kid and used to eat Playdoh.

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