Coming Soon… Some new designs, maybe

I’ve been playing around with redesigning my personal sites but I’ve been incredibly busy with some other stuff, just wanted to point you to a few “coming soon” new designs that I have out there just so you know I’m not a complete deadbeat.

  1. v.4
  2. 2.0 (I’ve decided every other version of this site has been a beta…)
  3. – A quick pre-release site for the next MySpace killer. I designed the front page and will be cleaning up the HTML and form soon.
  4. – Friedens Evangelical Church, Port Washington, WI
  5. – Farrell Growth Group, an agribusiness consulting company.

And already released (but still in Beta)

Assembla Breakout – I did the design home page and some of the elements on the subsequent pages, as well as a lot of the CSS work, though some of the best stuff (the tag cloud) was done by other talented individuals. A very cool site if you are a software developer or project coordinator.






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