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X3Church.com redesigned. I don’t like it :(. It is now out of my “favorite Web designs” list.

The design is less appealing to me, and their code went from bad to worse. Now they are stuck in a frame set, thus making it impossible for me to link to any single page inside the site. Bad move, guys. The frames are also going to cause google to choke on numerous occasions. Once you get into the frames (view the source of an individual frame), things get a bit better, not much, but a little. XHTML Transitional, but still table based layout.

As far as general usability goes, I can’t comment on that. I haven’t played with the site long enough yet. I’ll report back on that later.

I love x3church and everything it is doing, and everything it stands for. Hopefully they will be speaking at our church this next fall. The design is good and definitely better than I could do. But all in all, the new site is a step backwards. Sorry guys. Have the developers head over to Godbit.com for some feedback and suggestions. They can help!

My previous comments about xxxchurch.com’s design.

Why you should never use frames for a Web site, ever






8 responses to “X3Church Redesign”

  1. Russ Avatar

    AGH! Yea, that’s kind of ugly. And the whole “Hey, wait, watch, the stuff all flies in!” is irritating too.


  2. Yannick Avatar

    I gotta agree with you Matt, they definitely took a step back with this redesign. The rounded tabs don’t seem to fit in well with the design. The scroll bars are a little distracting as well.

    On the plus side the header is okay and so is the grunge (or the worn look?) at the left and right of the main content area.

  3. elclinto Avatar

    Never been to this site before, just found it when i googled the new X3 to see how it turned up, since i used frames to devlop it.

    Yes, its a bit odd to use frames these days and probably not the best idea in hindsight…but to my defense..my plan for this new site was to UP the ease of usability…thus having the scrollbar in a frame and a topnav that stayed static (all positioned in the middle.) i dont think it really crippled finding the XXXchurch site though. I wanted the site to run faster than the old one too, and use less flash.

    Anyway, Its my first BIG site to develop, i’m still learning…But hey, i appreciate the constructive criticism. Looks like you know what you’re talkin about here to a degree and i respect that.

    perhaps you would be interested in lending me a hand on the next development of the X3 site.

    clint – subdesign

  4. Benjamin Avatar

    Yeah, I agree Matt. I used to love the X3 site, although I disagree with extensive use of flash – they did it with some real style. I love what they are doing, but unfortunately this new site isn’t upto the standard of the last one.

  5. Matt Avatar

    Clint – you are the man. Thanks for responding. I’d love to help out however I can next time, even just in an advisory role. Just send me a note.

  6. name Avatar


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