That’s It, I Give Up (or Amazing Blog Designs)

As you may have noticed, I rebooted for May 1. It was about time I get an original design. (Many thanks to Green Marinee for serving me well for the last several months.). But as usual, I am trailing in behind the masters, I hope the gap is closing, but I fear it isn’t.

My strengths lie in CSS wizardry and Accessibility/Usability concerns, not necessarily in graphic design (though I think I do alright at that from time to time as well.) But I am always inspired by those who can do it all, and do it all amazingly well. It is what I aspire to and am working towards. That being said, here are some freaking amazing blogs that have recently been redesigned.

These blogs are not just wonders of great design, they offer a lot of other “extras” that are presented very nicely. Insight into the author’s life and personality, and a lot of other relevant information that, as it is interesting to the author, will probably also be useful to the audience. Well done, folks.

The main problem with events like CSS Reboot, et al, are that they serve as sort of a Total Perspective Vortex for me. It reminds me how far I have to go, and how much I have to learn. What keeps me from giving up is that I feel I have something to contribute to the noise. I just have to find my niche (solutions to strange CSS problems perhaps?) and write about it, constantly.






4 responses to “That’s It, I Give Up (or Amazing Blog Designs)”

  1. baldo Avatar

    nice reboot :)

    i also rebooted!

  2. Mithrill Avatar

    I think your reboot works. It is good to have an orginal design, rather then use a template you’ll on tons of other blogs. I like the bottom section of your site, it makes it easy to find what your looking for and it’s very Web 2.0. I think your right on about finding your niche…everyone doesn’t need to focus on design. It’s important to have people like you to solve the great mysteries of CSS.

    I guess not in “in” crowd because I’ve got no reboot on my site. As far as that goes, it just booted for the first time last Friday.

  3. dc Avatar

    if only you were Zaphod and better able to handle the vortex.

  4. Yannick Avatar

    Don’t be discouraged Matt. I know the feeling but, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord,not for men,” – Colossians 3:23

    Let the sites you see serve as inspiration instead of bringing you down and as long as whatever you do is to honour the Lord, it’s all Good!

    Have a great day man! Peace and God Bless.

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