Direct Steps Consulting V3

Introducing Version 3.0 of, my Business’s Web site. I couldn’t stand the old design any longer, and after I went live with this new version, I felt like I could breathe again. Enjoy

Direct Steps Consulting - Web Design Services






4 responses to “ Redesign”

  1. David Russell Avatar

    Excellent work! The design is smart and professional. I particularly like the glassiness “here and there (but not everywhere)” and the subtle reflections.

    In my opinion, you can’t have any credibility in this field without good design. The good news is, you are in Credibility City with this. :)

  2. Eric Puidokas Avatar
    Eric Puidokas

    I really like the design. It’s very clean and to the point.

    One small error on the site: “WC3 Standards Training” should be “W3C”

  3. Matt Heerema Avatar

    Hey guys, thanks for the great feedback. I fixed the W3C thing.. duh…

  4. Mithrill Avatar

    Nice job Matt. Very elegant. Like David said, if you’re in the web design business you better have a good looking website and you pulled it off.

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