Newshutch, the Bloglines Killer

NewshutchI’ve been using bloglines since it’s infancy. It was a great app, one of the first of it’s kind, and definitely the best. Well, like the dinosaur, it’s time is over.

Welcome Newshutch, the new best-in-class Web RSS feed reader. I started using it and it was a tad slow, but they have just upgraded their servers, etc, and are now rolling along nicely.

It has that wonderful “37signals” look and feel to it. Built in Rails, heavy on AJAX. It’s a pleasure to use. Everything I’ve been wanting in a feed reader. Thanks, guys!






5 responses to “Newshutch, the Bloglines Killer”

  1. Steve Avatar

    I tried Newshutch and really wanted to like it, but saying it’s a tad slow is an understatement. Plus I found that when adding and managing feeds you have to hit refresh a lot. You shouldn’t have to do that with an Ajax app. Also, some features like mark all read don’t seem to work for me. Finally, I do like 37signals but I’m getting a bit tired of all the copycat sites that are popping up.

  2. Matt Avatar

    Steve – when was the last time you used it? I had a similar experience as you when I first started to use it, but I think issues are resolved now.

    I don’t mind “copycat” sites as long as they are good. Newshutch is becoming good. :)

  3. Mithrill Avatar

    Nice find. I just signed up for it. I wasn’t really happy with my free online News Gator account so I’m can’t wait to see how I like this one. Once I briefly used Bloglines, but I preferred News Gator to it.

  4. hash Avatar

    Great find Matt. I’ve been a longtime user of the client-based Firefox plugin by Sage. I’ve used Bloglines as well, and it worked well, but this is definitely a step up. Something that will move me from Sage for sure.

  5. Daniel Aleksandersen Avatar

    Newshutch is great. But it was better before. As they have been adding new features the interface has become more and more cluttered. I miss the old Newshutch!

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