The Rock – Ames, IA

The Rock, Ames Iowa

The Rock, Ames Iowa, a branch of Stonebrook Community Church (my church) focusing on college singles and 20-somethings. This site was near and dear to my heart, so of course, got a little extra attention. I developed this site, end-to-end, (planning, design, integration into the CMS) the logo is by Relevant Solutions and the CMS is Ekklesia by Monk Development. I did have a little help from Tony Hill, who took care of some loose ends, and was advised by several others (see below), but overall consider this to be the current flagship of my portfolio.


– Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS 2
– Custom Planet integration for blog aggregation.
– Powered by the Ekklesia system.
– Blog, Podcast, RSS
– A Flash featured announcement banner powered by SlideShowPro, injected into the site using SWFObject
– Photo gallery using phpFlickr and the Flickr API to integrate members’ Flickr photos.

Special thanks to everyone who advised and helped make this happen

– The folks at Cramer Dev
– The folks at Monk Development
– The folks at Godbit
– Tony Hill (for his amazing code schlepping in Python and PHP), this guy did a ton of work.
– Kirsten Hill (content master)
– Brandon Kleinke (photography)
– Russ Graves (fixing my cron jobs)
– Steve O’Hollearn (content master-in-training)
– A few others I forgot (general design and direction advice)






5 responses to “The Rock – Ames, IA”

  1. Ben T. Avatar

    Nice. From when you showed me that screenshot I could tell it was going to be cool but that really is a great resource for a church. A+ for you and the rest who helped in my opinion.

  2. D. Goodmanson Avatar

    The site looks great! Awesome job Matt.

  3. Eric Atkins Avatar
    Eric Atkins

    Nice design. Great work. I really like it.

    How does SWFObject compare to SlideShowPro? They look the same to me – even the menus. Just curious as SSP is not free.

    I also couldn’t get your site to validate strict. :/

  4. Matt Avatar

    Eric – that was a typo. It IS SlideShowPro, injected into the site by SWFObject. I’ll be correcting that. Thanks. Validation errors should also be fixed by the time you read this ;)

  5. Eric Atkins Avatar
    Eric Atkins

    Ah! I guess I wasn’t paying attention to SWFObject. Ok. Now I see what it does.

    This Page Is Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict!


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