Am I The Only One That Likes iTunes 7?

It seems to be the fashionable thing to hate on iTunes 7. I’m really digging it. I don’t understand what the issue is.

Coverflow rocks my face off. It did even before it was integrated into iTunes proper. I also love how they integrated the album art into the library listing.

The podcasts screen is a bit slicker now.

Adding movie downloads? Brilliant.

The blue icon? Eh, I’ll get used to it.

I’m really not understanding whats not to love.






8 responses to “Am I The Only One That Likes iTunes 7?”

  1. Russ Avatar

    The “Crash on switching to the 2nd song” is what bugged me.

    Turns out it was an old plugin that was causing trouble. Now that it’s not crashing, I’ll see how I like it.

    I also don’t particularly care for iTMS – the music doesn’t play on my SGIs, and… I’m known to share music that people might like with them.

    Translation, “If I started buying a lot of stuff on iTMS, I’d always be broke because there’s so much good stuff, and it’s less likely for me to actually get around to buying a CD, so I save money.”


  2. Arnor Avatar

    I’m really not understanding whats not to love.

    The scrollbars?
    The bloated, overglossy GUI?
    The RAM-hogging?

  3. tigertiger Avatar

    I think the itunes software just gets better and better – looks like they have some stiff competition arriving for music downloads though!

  4. Ben T Avatar

    I do like the iTunes 7 upgrade, like you said it’s all cool stuff. My guess is if microsoft, mtv, etc can’t get anything to even begin to compete with itunes for a media store/manager etc that nothing will.

    I have used dozens of different types of software for this use and nothing has even come close to iTunes. It’s what any consumer media software should be… a no brainer.

  5. Pat Avatar

    Wait… it’s even more bloated than before? Good heavens, you’ll need a Cray if they do any more upgrading.

  6. Art Jomp Avatar
    Art Jomp

    For no apparent reason, everything (and I mean everything, even loading an Explorer window) on my PC magically just started working slower after I upgraded to 7. Songs skipping, even mouse triggering as I move it . . I am glad you don’t have any problems with it, Matt! And I am “glad” that I’m not the only one having problems. That gives me hope Apple are going to do something about improving my favorite player soon :)

  7. danthesnoman Avatar

    Coverflow makes playing with iTunes multiple times as fun as it was before. They’ve definately raised the bar for their competition. It will be fun to see what happens.

  8. Jon Avatar

    Yeah, that’s why I keep things simple and don’t immediately jump to newer versions of things. Keep in mind that these versions then get updated 20 times before they are ready for productive use.

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