Web Tool Find Of The Month: FlickrSSP

I just put together a new site for a client/friend of mine who wanted to have their photos stored in a flickr account, but also wanted them displayed on their site with as a slide show. Of course the obvious tool of choice was SlideShowPro which is a cinch to set up, and not to difficult to administer using SSP Director. However, having to teach them to use three separate administration interfaces for their site (WordPress, Flickr, and SlideshowPro Director) was not what I wanted to do.

Brian Sweeting saved the day for me. FlickrSSP displays all of your Flickr photosets on your own site using SlideShowPro

> FlickrSSP allows you to use Flickr and SlideshowPro to display all of your Flickr photosets on your own website instead of just your recent photos via the RSS feed.

Thank you Brian Sweeting! I loved it so much I donated to the cause (though I’m not sure how much he has in mind as a good donation.) My plan is to kick him some money every time I use this handy little tool, which might be a bit more frequently now. I recommend you do the same.






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  1. Nick Avatar

    I’m assuming this to be a front end control for the 3 panels. Sounds very useful. Thanks :)

  2. Matt (mithrill) Avatar

    Nice find. I’ll have to check into using this sometime in the future a site I want to develop for my wife. She’s started helping a photographer on the side and is going to back to college for a photography degree. This tool looks to be a nice fit. Nice find. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Blake Avatar

    Thanks for all your help on my FlickrSSP delima. It’s finally working, so I’ll be busy incorporating it into the design of my flash portfolio website. Thanks again for the help. Your paypal contribution is on the way!

  4. Damian Avatar

    I have been a user of flirssp for some time now. Great app! However, I have a question for you, when I post the flash file on a page in WordPress, the flash file loads, but none of the data is pulled from flickr. Have you had this problem? Any suggestions how to get around it?

  5. Matt Avatar

    Damian – before you export the .fla file, change the path to flickrssp.php to be an absolute path. (http://yourdomain.com/path/to/flickrssp.php)

    I had the same problem and this solved it.

  6. Deborah Avatar


    This looks to be a great tool. I visited Brian’s site to learn more about it, but all he has listed on his page is “I’ll be back”. Is there information on his site about the tool (other than the link to buy it) that I’m just not finding?

  7. Matt Avatar

    Deborah – he took his site down shortly after I bought this from him. I could answer any questions you need to know about it (I think).

  8. Deborah Avatar


    Kind of just looking for an explanation/discussion about using the tool, any issues to be aware of, etc. Is there an explanation somewhere?

    I’m also trying not to use up your time and good will. I’m the sort who reads code and discussions of code. I know, I know, it’s not the norm –

  9. Janette Avatar

    I just downloaded the FlickrSSP files and it works great with the included .swf file but when I try to use my own I get a blank page. I have the xml path set to “../images.xml” and the xml type set to “xml” is there another parameter I’m missing?

    Secondly, the Flickr account has 200+ photos but the only photos displaying are the 62 that are in a set. Is there a way to show all of the photos?

  10. Matthew Avatar

    I just bought flickrssp and followed the instructions. but when I try to access the php file I get the following error: There are no photosets for this user. Does anyone know why this might be happening?

  11. Matthew Avatar

    Wow nevermind… I was putting the information in [”] instead of the ”.

  12. Joe Avatar

    I’ve tried downloading the Brians flickrssp file and his site says be back, is there anyway someone could email it to me? jundulate at yahoo



  13. Josh Bast Avatar

    Hey Matt. I’m using SSP for Adobe Lightroom right now. I began following instructions that came with FlickrSSP 1.6 and I’m a bit confused over step three:
    3. A default slideshow.swf and slideshow.html that you can use. To do this you have to pass the parameter “xmlFile=flickrssp.php” to the .swf.
    See the sample html for how to do this.

    Is it supposed to say “add a defaut slideshow….”? In addition, I don’t understand the language “pass the parameter”. I’m assuming you are supposed to paste a parameter into the .html file. I look at the sample html and I don’t see anywhere in that code something that says “xmlFile=flickrssp.php”. Maybe that is what this means: ” so.addVariable(“xmlfile”, “../flickrssp.php”); “??? If this is the case, The .html and .swf from the sample folder copied into the root folder should make everything work after doing the other steps, right? When I do this and load the page, it just says “Please install Flash and turn on Javascript.” (Which I of course already have done)

    In addition, when I export a gallery to my HD, it gives me a couple of files. The primary file that contains the configurations settings of the slideshow is param.xml. I thought that I would have to use this file in some way to indicate how I wanted my slideshow to look.

    Any help would be much appreciated.


  14. Steph Avatar

    Has anyone successfully got this working with a flash site? It seems to be only loading from the index.xml file for me? Please help!

  15. Steve Avatar

    I used FlickrSSP initially, but ran into a few problems:

    – the permalinks used were in the old format and prevented SSP from having permission to “crop to fit” the photo
    – my photo captions were only title and filename… I wanted them to be the Flickr photo description
    – there was not a photoset/album for my latest photos
    – I needed to be able to refresh the cache manually from the command line URL

    So I up and coded my own solution, Fetchr4SSP.


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