SXSW – Checking In Part Two

People met

Steve Smith – Met briefly on the bus home from bowling. Reminisced a bit about tables/css layout and how terrible tables are.
Bryan Veloso
Jim Renaud
– several members of the Facebook team
Jeremy Hubert – He’s not a designer, but has great looking business cards. Odd, eh?
Dave Livingston
– More Godbit’ers:
Jon Bourne – came all the way from Alaska!
Michael Montgomery – was a real chum and gave me a ride
– Dan Conner – though, he hardly counts ;-) “met” him a million times before.
Shawn Grimes – who’s site inspired the design for this one.


– Grabbed some great swag from the trade show (including an amazing shirt from Opera)
– ate amazing sushi at Kenichi
– Bowled next to Happy Cog, Andy Budd, and Fire Wheel Design
– Placed 3rd in the 2nd Annual AvalonStar Bowling Extravaganza! BEEYAAAWWWW!!!
– Learned that short attention spans can be really good things, if you act on what your attention is on… (but I’m not sure that this is actually true unless you are a brilliant, mad scientist inventor type)
– Learned (again) that I need to be better at keeping a sketch book, but also that I need to keep a record of ideas: good, bad, and ugly. I need to record them so that the possibility of acting on them exists.
– Worked on several projects for Weblogs and DirectSteps in the midst of all this.

To Do:

– Eat more Kenichi
– Get more swag from trade show
– Meet more Godbit’ers
– Learn some more stuff
– Get some more work done.
– Sleep






3 responses to “SXSW – Checking In Part Two”

  1. todd Avatar

    dude, get me some swag! hook a brother up!

  2. Sam Avatar

    I must say I’m slightly disappointed that you went with “Godbit’ers” instead of “Godbiters”.

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