SXSW Recap

Well, before we’re a month removed from the conference, I thought I better sum up my thoughts on the matter.

SXSW is all about networking, professional networking that is (not TCP-IP, Ethernet stuff…). The sessions were “okay” as some pointed out, though I think the reason for that was not so much the mediocrity of the content, but rather, if you follow the speakers other writings (blogs, books, etc) there was no new information presented. The most helpful sessions were the demonstrations that we saw (specifically on grid layout and typography).

The trade show was a lot of fun, mostly because I really enjoy free handouts. I’m a bit of a packrat like that and had to pay – extra for my luggage being overweight on the way home. Lame I know.

So, in the interest of networking, here’s a rundown of people I met, or at least shook hands with or exchanged business cards with that I didn’t list in other posts.

Hands Shaken

Mike Grishaver – Director, Social Media, Yahoo! I’d like to talk with this guy some more.
Chris Putnam – Software Engineer, Facebook
– Beth Carls (and her partner, though I can’t remember her name) – Co-Founder/CEO, MindOH! A fascinating social networking startup for “at risk” kids, to help them tell their side of the story. I will keep my eye on this.
Jeff Feldgoise – VP Product Management, – A social media startup. Very cool. We had a ‘mini party’ in the Omni hotel lobby because we got bored with the “scene” that evening.
Mike Jones – CEO, Userplane and his Senior Support Engineer Shane Hall. I did Mike’s blog in Blogsmith. Good guys.
Veronica BelmontBuzz Out Loud, Producer and Associate Editor, CNET
Kevin Lawver – “Web Standards Guy” AOL/AIM – Good guy. Have to get to know him better
– Mark Schraad – Senior UI Designer, eCommerce, AOL.
– David Storey – “Chief Web Opener”, Opera Software. He’s going to help me with Opera browser quirks, w00t!
Jesse Bennet-Chamberlain – Showed up at the Godbit meet-up, awesome!
– More Godbit’ers! – Carl Camera, Erik Sagen, Nathan Smith, Shawn Grimes, Dan Conner, Mike Tolbert, James Higginbotham, Helmut Granda (and his wife Kari), Sean Sperte, David Hemphill, Phill Coffman, Phil Freo, Jon Livingston, Sarah Lewis (and her husband Daniel), Ryan Heneise, J. Zachary Pike, Ián Muir (and his wife Kelly), Michael Montgomery, Rob Soulé, Nate Logan, Ryan Hargrave.

Interesting Businesses

Lucky Oliver Stock Photography – Look out iStockPhoto. These guys have great prices and good licensing schemes and good photos. Nice work.
Outbound Music and Magnatune – I took the opportunity look for possibilities for distribution for The Lone Strangers’ CDs. These look like two good companies to help us out.
Cadence International – A recruiting agency that sent a rep to the Godbit meetup to look for possible hires. Nice… Was good to meet Megan though.






2 responses to “SXSW Recap”

  1. mike grishaver Avatar

    Hey Matt! Thanks for stopping by my new site. First of all, your site here rocks. Second, let’s find the time to chat soon.

  2. Megan Evans Avatar

    Hi Matt, Great site! It was good to meet you for a millisecond at the Godbit dinner.

    Just wanted to clarify… I wouldn’t call myself a recruiter. I head up the Design and Media department at Cadence. SXSW was a big education for me, and while I was there was looking for some contacts or interested persons who might want to look into joining our staff in the future or help us out with web development work. Maybe though you were being sarcastic (?)- I know I whipped through the dinner meeting everyone and giving out my business card.

    I’m glad that you thought Cadence worthy of your Interesting Businesses list. :) In my humble opinion, it’s a really great and needed ministry.

    Peace, friend.

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