I want my MTV

MTV’s Web site is sweet. They just released a fast, clean, HTML+CSS site, a wonderful change from their Flash based behemoth, which really was a technical wonder, but really hard to use. I am totally digging the new version. Mad props to my favorite designer/dev, Dan Cederholm, for leading the team into the new millennium. Read Dan’s writeup here, and read MTV Labs’ writeup here.

Purevolume, then Virb, now MTV… hey, MySpace, you paying attention? Anyone? Anyone? Didn’t think so…




6 responses to “I want my MTV”

  1. Chris Huff Avatar

    I like how much faster it is, that’s a huge plus. I also like the new backgrounds on refresh. What’s going on with validation, though?

  2. Chris Harrison Avatar

    At this point, if MySpace did anything major, it’d probably break everybody’s personalized profiles. I’m with ya on the MTV design … it’s way better than before.

  3. Yannick Avatar

    Yeah I digg the new XHTML/CSS design too. I wasn’t too fond of the all Flash version. The only thing I’m not too happy about is that I’m unable to watch the music videos due to the fact that I’m not in the U.S. due to copyright restrictions apparently. :(

    Oh by the way Matt, isn’t it “Cederholm” and not “Cedarholm”? :)

  4. Matt Avatar

    Agh, you’re right Yannick, good catch.

  5. website design is the word Avatar

    i like the new mtv site i dont like sites with lots of flash

  6. Toronto Web Design Avatar

    Thank god they abandoned the use of Flash. Sure, it can look great, but many times, it is too over the top and ends up acting as a barrier to the information that the visitor is actually looking for.

    – Ian

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