Blueprintcss A CSS Framework

Any Web developer who codes CSS on a regular basis likely has conventions, official, or ad hoc, that they’ve created for themselves to save themselves time and effort. Standard style declarations for common layout or typography needs are found in many places on the Internet.

Mark pointed me to blueprintcss, a framework for css coding. It provides some structure, styles, and naming conventions that make common layouts very simple and fast to develop. The only thing I’m noticing about it, in my cursory digging through the code, is that its style declarations are not very “semantic” in nature. An argument could possibly be made here, but I still prefer styles like “sitemeta” to “column span-3”, a less descriptive naming convention.

All in all, looks very useful.






5 responses to “Blueprintcss A CSS Framework”

  1. Larry Avatar

    So, what are your reactions in actually using it? Or have you not actually built a test site out of it yet?

  2. dan c. Avatar

    with the semantics in mind, patterns seem to be more appropriate than frameworks. instead of a framework, it may be better to organize patterns, and copy the appropriate styles when a semantically name element needs to be styled according to the pattern.

  3. Erik Sagen Avatar

    I stumbled upon this the other night and it did look intriguing. Although from what I read about his naming conventions I too disagree with “column span 3”, etc.

    It tells me that the div is a column, sure, but what does span 3 mean? Unless you’re privy to the naming scheme and its meaning and everyone on board is as well, then it’s just confusing otherwise.

    It’s better than “right-column” or “column-right” however. I tend to stick with “column-a”, etc., but I’m not sure if there exists a perfect naming scheme.

  4. Michael Montgomery Avatar

    My current thinking is to use it on some projects (e.g. where source order not a priority) to set up the initial layout, then clean it up with semantic IDs and classes in the markup and css.

    Not sure if that works.

  5. AskApache Guy Avatar

    I dunno, Its a good idea and he did a nice job but for me personally I use my own schemes and frameworks.. the exception of course is my own blog, which I have been too lazy to clean up..

    Nice site though, reminds me of yahoos css framework

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