WebMonkey.com Relaunches

So I must have missed this one, but age old Web design resource WebMonkey.com has relaunched. It is completely revamped and is gorgeous.

One of the coolest things I’ve seen so far is that all of the tutorials are managed by MediaWiki and are completely globally editable! No more out-datedness!

Nice work. Hoping to see some great content here soon.





4 responses to “WebMonkey.com Relaunches”

  1. web designer Avatar
    web designer

    it’s nice.

  2. Austin Web Design Avatar

    I was happy to see the site return, but it will take a lot of help getting the wiki-style tuts and code library full of content. If you have the time, don’t just visit the site, but add to it.

  3. Strange Frog Avatar

    Yep, I was more than happy to see WebMonkey, It was where I first learnt php and MySQL many many years ago.

    Excellent Website

  4. wends Avatar

    i remember reading articles from web monkey in late 90s till around 2002. i’m glad they’re back. its a great resource back then :)

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