Thank you NRB!

This weekend I was honored with the privilege of speaking at the NRB Convention with DJ Chuang and Bob Lepine. Our session was a discussion panel on the way “New Media” (blogs, social networking, etc) can be used together with “Old Media” (TV, Radio, print news, etc).

I was particularly excited about this opportunity because it is rare that these two worlds collide. As a strategist and developer, I am excited about opportunities to help organizations understand how to leverage some exciting new technologies to extend their reach and speak to an already thriving community, that pays very little attention to TV and radio programming beyond prime time entertainment and professional sports. (That statement was anecdotal. I don’t have stats to back it up.)

So this might mark a slight shift or addition to the focus of this blog which has typically been about intricate details of the technology powering this media revolution. I’ll still be writing about Web technology, but now will be including material that will seem obvious to most of my current readers. So if you are frustrated with the basic nature of the information presented here, rather than tuning out, perhaps you can work with me to help a new audience understand what it is we do here in the “New Media”.

Looking forward to the conversation. More coming momentarily.





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  1. GordonMarcy Avatar

    God has opened the door for Christian communicators to use New Media.

    Sharing knowledge and experiences will be important to helping leaders think strategically, formulate plans and allocate resources.

    Lead on.

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