The Biggest Problem with the Amazon Kindle

I read a lot. Maybe not as much as some, but more than most of my friends who treat me like some sort of freak when it comes to the subject of reading. I’m okay with this abuse.

I love the iPad as a platform for reading, and I especially love the Kindle app which so far is ahead of iBooks as a reading application. But I have one major beef with the Kindle.

For every book I read I find out about at least four others that I need to read.

The Kindle makes it way too easy to immediately indulge this impulse.






2 responses to “The Biggest Problem with the Amazon Kindle”

  1. @nathanaelmeyer Avatar

    Yup, that's a pretty big problem! (For your wallet!)

  2. @steveriker Avatar

    Oh, definitely. The more I know, the more I know I don't know. It's a terrible problem.

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