Under Construction. Phase 3: Halfway there

I got tired of looking at the black, white, and system blue, so I decided to ruin everything by putting some color and initial graphical treatment into play. So, here you have about 50% of the “visual design” in play: layout, most of the type treatment (some refinement to come), colors picked, etc.

More work to come in the header, navigation, post-meta, sidebar, and a few other places. Need to put in the media queries and styles necessary to make this a proper “responsive” design (right now it’s just a liquid layout, and a rough one at that)

Stay tuned! Thanks for playing.





2 responses to “Under Construction. Phase 3: Halfway there”

  1. Tim Challies Avatar

    Getting there.

    Did you create a Photoshop version that you’re working from? Or are you designing as you go?

    1. Matt Heerema Avatar

      I created a comp in Fireworks that I am working from.

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