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  • Latest Project: The Desiring God App

    One of my final projects at Desiring God was the information architecture and user experience design (interactions, interface layout, etc) of the Desiring God App for iOS. We’re quite pleased with the results.

  • Going Internet-only and Making it Free

    At the panel discussion I participated in at the NRB Convention, I was asked to explain why Desiring God pulled out broadcasting its radio program to distribute content via the Internet. The debate is still (three years later!) a hot one, and one that was made before my time. So I’ll point you to DG’s…

  • Should a Christian Own a Lake House?

    I have had the book Desiring God by John Piper on my shelf for 6 years. I bought it for Nancy as a birthday gift 10 years ago when I barely knew Christ. It seemed like the thing to do at the time. I have picked it up to read it about three times over…