Latest Project: The Desiring God App

One of my final projects at Desiring God was the information architecture and user experience design (interactions, interface layout, etc) of the Desiring God App for iOS. We’re quite pleased with the results.

It was a blast to work with Jeff and Kirk at Forge Apps, my best designer pal Mark Priestap, and Josh Etter to get this app just right. You won’t see revolutionary new interface elements like on Path or completely custom click sounds like Tap Bots apps, but you will find a well-conceived, solid architecture and a non-distracting interface that will let you easily navigate over 5000 resources, with the exception of a few books, the complete works of John Piper, accessible from an app.

It was a pleasure and an a privilege to be part of this project. If you or your organization are in need of a well-built, usable and useful app, please don’t hesitate to contact me.





4 responses to “Latest Project: The Desiring God App”

  1. Bob Kauflin Avatar
    Bob Kauflin

    Great app, Matt. Thanks for your work on this!

  2. Scott Thornton Avatar
    Scott Thornton

    Absolutely love the app, Matt! It works fantastic and the very clean, simple-to-navigate format is a joy. I’m sure it was a lot of work and I’m very appreciative.

  3. Jeff Albright Avatar
    Jeff Albright

    The best app I’ve seen for any ministry so far! I especially like the ability on the iPad app to keep the video going and still browse the app. Very good.
    The Copyrights seemed very open. Does that mean that other ministries can use the code for their own app?

    1. Matt Heerema Avatar

      Thanks, Jeff. 

      The copyrights under the “tools” section are in reference to the open-source tools we used in the building of the app.  The code for the iOS app itself is owned by Desiring God, and you’ll need to contact them about the potential of licensing it.

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