Book Giveaway and Quick Review: JavaScript and jQuery by Jon Duckett

A few years ago I posted about the most beautiful primer on HTML and CSS available. I have recommended this book countless times and have given several copies away. I had heard shortly after that the author was working on a followup about JavaScript and jQuery. It’s finally here! I was given a review copy to peruse and post about, and it did not disappoint.

If you want to learn JavaScript and jQuery, this is the book you need.

The book covers everything from basic programming concepts (an ambitious starting point) through JavaScript Syntax, all the way through jQuery, Ajax, JSON, APIs, and some practical examples. It does this all gorgeously and graphically. A very engaging book for a programming primer. I’m impressed.

I’m confident that with this book, a Web browser, a code editor, and Google, you’ll be able to walk yourself through to a working knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery.

The Visuals

JavaScript and JQuery Book Contents
Practical advice will help readers to think and code like a programmer.
JavaScript and JQuery Book Contents
We explain objects, methods, properties, and events using familiar concepts in chapter one.
JavaScript and JQuery Book Contents
All 640 pages are in full-color, packed with code, photography, and illustrations.

Excerpted with permission from the publisher, Wiley, from JavaScript & JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development by Jon Duckett. Copyright © 2014.

The Giveaway

I am giving away a copy of this book to one lucky winner. Enter via the Punchtab contest below. Thanks!





6 responses to “Book Giveaway and Quick Review: JavaScript and jQuery by Jon Duckett”

  1. Marty Avatar

    I’ve lost my techie mojo and I need to get it back. This would really help!

  2. Titus Klinge Avatar
    Titus Klinge

    I’ve always had an interested in jumping into some web development but have never made the jump. This would give me a nice push.

  3. Rene Amador Jr. Avatar
    Rene Amador Jr.

    I would use this book to learn some coding practice and learn something useful for web design and development;

  4. JT Caldwell Avatar

    I’d use the book to brush up on what I’ve already learned and learn what I haven’t learned yet for a career in front-end developement.

  5. Shailesh Kudale Avatar
    Shailesh Kudale

    This copy is very important for me to learn the web “effects” explained in a simpler manner

  6. Joe Blog Avatar
    Joe Blog

    ooo who won?!?