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  • Pay for the Web Services You Use

    I often hear this question when a reviewer is comparing two Web services is “why should I pay for service X, when service Y does the same thing for free?” Answer: because the free version will probably disappear. Maciej at Pinboard explains the issue.

  • eBible Launches Reading Plans in Time For The New Year

    My new favorite Bible reading Web app, eBible has just released their reading plan functionality. Select one of their 18 plans (topical, NT, OT, through the Bible), and they will send you a daily email with reminder to read.

  • The Rise of Developeronomics

    According to Venkatesh Rao in Forbes Magazine: Software Developers are the new precious metals. Venkatesh has a pretty bleak (realistic?) outlook on the global economy, and he is suggesting that everyone who is able should invest in a quality software developer.

  • Under Construction: Progress Update

    It’s coming. I have some renewed energy and incentive to finally get this site in shape. In case you haven’t been playing along, this Summer, I undertook the reconstruction of my Web site live and in public. Well, I underestimated the impact on life that a third child would have and so lost steam. But…

  • Under Construction. Phase 3: Halfway there

    I got tired of looking at the black, white, and system blue, so I decided to ruin everything by putting some color and initial graphical treatment into play. So, here you have about 50% of the “visual design” in play: layout, most of the type treatment (some refinement to come), colors picked, etc. More work…